National Center for Transgender Equality
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Huffington Post
Manuel Betancourt: Angela Morley: The Story Behind the Two-Time Oscar-Nominated Trans Composer
January 20th
It’s perhaps fitting than in a year when Antony Hegarty nabbed a Best Original Song nomination and Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander were recognized for their work on The Danish Girl we’ve been prompted to revisit Morley’s story and return her, perhaps, …
Stephanie Mott: An Unconditional Act of Faith — Rev. Cynthia Meyer Comes Out to Her Methodist Congregation
January 20th
A mere 12 days ago, an extraordinarily brave and faithful soul found herself called by God to declare her own authenticity. She did so publicly in an intentional, courageous and life-changing sermon. Read more: Methodist, Christian, Christ, J…
Charlize Veritas: Happy Transgender Birthday!
January 20th
For me, the day I started taking hormones was the day I started to take back control of myself and my body. I started to take back control of my life. It was my choice. No one forced me. No one or anything made a choice for me that day. I owned it. I was …
Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW-R: From A to T: Advice for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Youth, Adolescents, Families and Allies — Queer Eye for the Trans Person Edition
January 19th
As we change our gender, clothing can be one of the most intimidating obstacles we face. What do we do? Read more: Agender, Bigender, Gender Unicorn, Genderqueer, Genderqueer Youth, Lgbt, LGBT Equality, LGBT Youth, Lgbtq, LGBTQ Community, Lgb…
Melissa McLaren: Difficult Conversations
January 19th
Once the decision had been made to support her, trying to figure out if she was transgender or gender non-conforming didn’t weigh as heavily. We were fueled by a gut feeling that told us that supporting our depressed and anxious child could not possibly …
Charlotte Robinson: Jen Richards Talks New Web Series Her Story and LGBT Equality (AUDIO)
January 19th
“I’d like to see gender queer representation and non-binary representation. I’d like to see us as both heroes and villains. I’d like to see us as love partners. I’d like to see us as doctors and lawyers. I’d like to see us on screen where our trans identi…
Leo Caldwell: Nomad on the Gender Spectrum
January 19th
The expectations of femininity didn’t suit me so I assumed that I had to pick the other option. I didn’t realize it didn’t have to be an either/or situation. Read more: Transgender, Transgender Issues, Gender, Gender Spectrum, Gay Voices New…
This Amazing Web Series Is Reimagining The Way Trans Stories Are Told
January 19th
A brand new web series debuted today and it seeks to reimagine how experiences of the transgender community are understood, shared and receive… Read more: Transgender, Transgender Issues, Trans Issues, Queer Issues, Jen Richards, Her Story…
Bethany Grace Howe: A Lifetime of Anomalies Explained by a New Transgender Paradigm
January 18th
Nothing makes me chuckle more than someone who wants me to “prove” I’m transgender – and by “chuckle” I mean “ignore with unspoken derision.” When the… Read more: Transgender, Male to Female, Paradigm Shift, Gay Voices News
Helana Darwin: Beyond ‘Real Women’ and ‘Real Men’
January 18th
The time is nigh to evolve beyond the binary campaign framing of “real men” and “real women” to “real people.” If Body Positive imagery is supposed to reflect what “real people” look like, then it must begin to acknowledge gender diversity. R…
New York Times
Caitlyn Jenner to Publish a Memoir About Her Transformation
January 19th
Ms. Jenner will write the book, tentatively scheduled to be released in the spring of 2017, with the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Buzz Bissinger.
Caitlyn Jenner on a TV Road Less Traveled
January 14th
The reality TV show “I Am Cait,” which has explored transgender issues, has drawn middling audiences after a strong start.
New England’s Top Sports Teams Support Transgender Bill
January 11th
Freedom Massachusetts, a coalition backing protections for transgender people, said it had the backing of teams like the New England Patriots.
The Strip
January 9th
A weekly comic strip featured in the Sunday Review.
Coming Out as Gay Superheroes
December 23rd
Gay, lesbian and transgender characters are increasingly playing a larger role in the fast-evolving world of comic book narratives.
The Year of the Toilet
December 22nd
Hillary Clinton’s bathroom break and the real meaning of a place to seek relief.
Transgender Muslims Find a Home for Prayer in Indonesia
December 22nd
Transgender women have few opportunities to worship, as their defiance of strict gender categorization challenges conventional Muslim views about gender.
Jill Soloway of ‘Transparent’: A Daughter’s Story
December 19th
Perhaps the hottest show of 2015, “Transparent” was a comedy about a late-in-life transgender character, a plot line inspired by the author’s father.
Caitlyn Jenner’s Secret-Sharer
December 19th
When Ms. Jenner decided to reveal herself to the world, she turned to Alan Nierob, one of Hollywood’s best-connected crisis managers, to help tell her story.
Attacker Convicted in Hate Crime on Transgender Woman in Brooklyn
December 18th
Mashawn Sonds, 26, attacked the woman, Kimball Hartman, 29, as she walked down Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn.